ThermalDry & Rubberized Basement Flooring

 ThermalDry Basement Floor Systems are interlocking floor tiles that are made specifically for the basement environment. Created from 100% waterproof materials, they come in five different carpeted and vinyl designs.

Installed as a floating floor with no adhesives or grout, they will never buckle or peel off the floor. Your floor can be used immediately after the installation.

An excellent way to create a warm, comfortable, and dry basement floor. Each tile is designed to sit on raised plastic pegs, creating an air space underneath. This space allows water vapor to circulate underneath and dry out, while creating a thermal break that makes the floors' surface 8-10 degrees warmer than the cold concrete below.

Unlike traditional carpeting, THF is designed to hold back the water vapor and humidity that continually passes through a concrete basement floor. TDCFT will never rot, support mold growth, or release foul-smelling odors the way the other basement carpeting does. It's completely organic design includes no wood, chipboard, or other materials that could be damaged by a plumbing leak or basement flood.



We carry a number of options for basement flooring including interlocking foam and rubber tiles and modular wood-look, snap-together flooring tiles. Our waterproof MaxTile provides a durable and easy to clean wood grain or stone look in a raised tile. Floating design allows air and water flow beneath the tile. Many of our basement floor options are great for home gyms, kids rooms, and family rooms.

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